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Michael Tate & Co.

Roof Repairs & Attic Ventilation

Michael Tate & Co. is locally owned and a second generation roofing company that was started in the mid 1970's.  At that time we had commercial contracts with Texaco, Phillip's 66 and 7-Eleven, along with a number of mom & pop operations.  We also handled the residential side of the business.  In the early 1980's the company phased out the commercial side of the business and started specializing in residential roof replacements and repairs.  Today, we no longer replace or install roofs.  We are a roof repair company with over 35 years of experience! 

"All major credit cards accepted"

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Roof Shingles
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Insurance Claims Are Welcomed

When an insurance company agrees to pay a claim, in most cases the policyholder is only required to pay their insurance deductible.  In some cases there could be an additional inspection fee charge, that may or may not be covered by the insurance policy. 

Be aware that on September 1, 2019 a new state law (HB2102) makes it clear, that it's illegal for a contractor to waive an insurance deductible.  This law makes it a criminal offense for a contractor to pay for, waive, absorb, rebate, or offset an insurance deductible.  An insured policyholder also violates the law if they knowingly submit or allow a claim with a waived or reduced deductible.   Under this new law, violators could face both, jail time and fines.

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Get to Know Us

Michael Tate & Co. is well known for quality workmanship and a commitment to excellence - 

providing services to

homeowners, contractors, property managers, investors, and realtors.  Chances are....we've done work for              someone you know.  Since our founding, we've worked hard toward building and maintaining a stellar reputation throughout the areas of Galveston County Mainland, parts of Brazoria County and South Houston.

"Please note"- no services provided south of the Galveston Causeway.  

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9307 Highway 6, Hitchcock, Texas 77563

Mailing address: P.O. Box 1396, Santa Fe, Texas 77510

Cell/Text: (409) 682-6533

Office: (409) 986-9173

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Quality Service = Outstanding Results

Thanks for everything you have done to help us with the roof damages (present and past), we can always depend on the quality of the materials you use...but especially the quality of your workmanship.

Thanks for everything,
John & Becky

Thank you so much for the excellent job you did.  It's so refreshing to find honorable men who do their work well.  May God Bless you, your business and your family.

Ted & Brenda

Thank you for the special effort that made our new roof possible.  We appreciate your quality of work and the personal attention you gave to our job.

Thank you Michael for the work you did for my sister.  Looking forward to doing business with you again.

The Elders
Arcadia Christian Church

Nanette D.

Thank you for your quick response and most reasonable price.  God Bless!

Doris R.

Thank you so much for repairing my mothers roof.  I really appreciate your prompt attention to the problem.

George H.

It may have seemed like a small thing to you, but what you did meant a great deal to me.  Thank you!

To say thanks for all the help you have been to us with all our roofing woes.  You definitely go the "extra mile" and we very much appreciate it.

Pat D.

Ted & Millie

Thank you for my beautiful roof.  I will recommend you to everyone I know.

We wish to thank you for repairing our buildings and taking the time to notice the additional boards that needed replacing.  Thanks for all your help.

Carolyn B.

West Haven Church of Christ

Thank you so much for the work you did on my home.  Folks like you make this a better world to live in.  My late husband was a great judge of folks and he said that the Tate's were people you can trust.  So I find it true.

Opal W.

Thank you Michael for repairing my roof.  I appreciate you!

Donna T.

Thank you Michael you were a life saver, like a roofing Angel!!!

Pamela D.

Thanks a million for your excellent work.  I've had lots of compliments on the roof.

Winnell S.

Thanks for a job well done.  The roof is really pretty.  Thanks for guiding us to that particular color.

Thelma M.

Just a little note to say a big thanks to you for your work here at St. Michael's.

Saint Michael's Episcopal Church

Great work....honest people....will always be my roofers!

Debbie O.

Michael has worked on several of my roofs over the last 15 years and has done an outstanding job every time.  I appreciate knowing he is just a phone call away.  I have recommeneded Michael and his Company to many people and will continue to do so.

Rebecca W.

"Thank You" for fixing our roof.  With all the rain we've been having, No Leaks!

Thank you for solving our roofing problem at such a superb rate!  You are a gift to this ministry!  We appreciate you.

Werner & Marlene M.

H.I.S. Ministries

Thank you again for fixing our roof.  Your kind is very hard to find.  We appreciate your quick response!      God bless Mr. Tate!

Janie Z.

Just wanted to say thank you again from mom and I !!  It's pouring down here and no more leaking!  It would have been really bad had you not made it over today.  God bless you!

Jennifer A.

Thank You Again for Everything!

Greg M.

Michael can't thank you enough and man that is a beautiful job...Incredible!

Bill R.


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